A Day in Segovia

The morning of Friday, July 11 was a tough one for me. I had spent the previous evening (and part of the present morning) at a club near my host family´s house in Toledo, outside of the historic Casco. It was a rough morning because after a lot of drinking and dancing and not much... Continue Reading →


Granada & Córdoba

Our third week of classes ended with a bus trip down south to the Andalucia region of Spain. The bus was scheduled to leave our school at 5:30am Friday morning, meaning that sleeping Thursday night was probably not going to happen. After partying literally all night (first time I have ever successfully pulled an all... Continue Reading →

El Escorial and Valle de los Caídos

For our second official excursion with my study abroad program, we embarked on a day trip to El Escorial and Valle de los Caídos. El Escorial is one of the Spanish royal sites, located about a 20 minute drive northwest of Madrid. The full name of the site is Real Monasterio El Escorial, meaning the... Continue Reading →

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