Last Day in Portugal

After three days of intense exploration of all that Lisbon has to offer, relaxing and taking a slow day was much needed. The final day of our stay in Portugal also happened to be the biggest holiday of the year in Lisbon, El día de Sao Antonio.

Port Wine House 

The final day we managed to visit the Solar do Vinho do Porto and enjoyed rose and white port beverages in a cool and quiet atmosphere. Located at Rua de Sao Pedro de Alcantara in Lisbon, this bar is a good place to go to enjoy reasonably priced port wine and a relaxing atmosphere. The service was not the fastest, but it was worth having patience to enjoy a refreshing port beverage. The building is an 18th century palace, adding sentiments of charm to the overall atmosphere. Port wine here is available by the glass or bottle, with a huge selection to choose from.
The majority of the rest of the day was spent walking around and enjoying the last views of the city. Lisbon is really a beautiful city worthy of a visit by anyone entranced by European charm and especially Iberian customs. I really enjoyed my stay in Portugal, it was a wonderful experience to have with my mom and my aunts before kicking off my summer study abroad.
More pictures from the trip


Portugal Day 3: Cascais, Estoril and Belem

Every major city in a country that borders the ocean needs to have their quintessential beach towns. Cascais and Estoril proved to be great spots for dipping our toes in the water the third day of our adventure in Portugal.

In the morning, we started by taking the metro to the Baixa square and getting on an above ground train/trolley to head out towards the historical city of Belèm. Located just a 15 minute trolley ride (although a bloody hot and cramped trolley ride) outside Lisbon proper, Belém is a quaint area of Lisbon with a very rich religious history. We toured the Torre de Belém (free with Lisboa card) as well as the famous Jeronimos Monastery.

Estoril and Cascais 

With another brief train ride, we ended up in the Cascais/Estoril beach town. I was truly impressed with how crystal blue the water was, it felt like we were in the Mediterranean. Be warned, however, because the Europeans have a much different concept of what appropriate bathing suit bottoms look like. I saw more old-lady ancient butt at the public beach than I ever have in the locker room at my gym.
For dinner, we ate at a nice restaurant overlooking a river inlet and the ocean in Cascais. Definitely a beautiful city to walk around and enjoy, and I would definitely consider returning for a beach vacation in the future.

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