Saturday Recipe | Potato & Leek Soup

One of my favorite things to do to make the winter less cold and painful is to make a variety of soups. Soup is so versatile and easy to make, especially if one has an immersion blender. I just started using an immersion blender this past year, and I can say with confidence it is one of the most essential components of a functional kitchen. I do not know how I survived without one before, as it has become such a key part of almost every recipe I make these days!

Because I am a single person, most of my recipes make 2-4 servings, depending on if I want to eat the same thing several days in a row or not.


1 tablespoon olive oil

1 leek, chopped

2-3 medium sized potatoes

2 cloves garlic

2-3 cups chicken stock or broth

salt & pepper to taste

1/2 cup of cream


  1. Peel and slice the potatoes into small cubes and add to a pot of boiling water. Cook until they are partially softened.
  2. In a large pot, heat olive oil and sauté chopped leeks. Once they become translucent, add garlic and turn heat down so that it doesn’t burn. Sauté a few moments, then add the chicken or vegetable stock.
  3. Once potatoes have been boiled to partial softness, drain and add to chicken stock. Continue cooking, mashing the potatoes into the soup as they cook more. IMG_8523 (1)
  4. Once potatoes have cooked and are mashable, remove soup from heat. Mix in the cream.
  5. Carefully use immersion blender to blend the soup, turning the whole mix into a creamy mashed-potato soup. Add salt and pepper to taste
  6. Garnish with parsley, shredded cheese, bacon or whatever suits your fancy IMG_8530

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