Being in college means drinking excessively while trying to spend minimally.  This means weekends full of Coors Light cans, handles Ron Diaz and a plethora of cheap vodka brands.  For me, the cheap stuff never does the trick and even turns me off to partying, as I know the hangover will be severe or I will end up puking, probably out of the minivan of my designated driver.  To avoid this, I love to make JOLLY RANCHER VODKA!!! In this post I’m going to share my “recipe” (hint, it is exactly what it sounds like) because who doesn’t love getting intoxicated off liquid candy?

Ok so to start off, get cheap vodka.  I personally like to use Svedka because it is inexpensive for a 1.75L and isn’t so horrible that it burns out the nasal cavities with each shot.  Make sure it is room temperature, don’t put it in the freezer or refrigerator BEFORE infusing it. Also make sure to  obtain 5 small glass bottles or other sealable containers, one for each flavor.

SORT AND UNWARP THE CANDY!!! Don’t mix up cherry and watermelon! Put 8-10 per 8oz of vodka used, add more to have a more concentrated flavor

Pour the vodka over, seal up the bottles and let sit for 5-8 hours at room temperature, no need to shake bottles as candy will completely dissolve over time, but a gentle shake will help even out the mixture

Chill and enjoy!! My personal favorite is the blue raspberry, the cherry reminds me a bit of cough syrup. Using the watermelon in place of regular vodka in a Long Island iced tea is a great way to change it up.
These make great and cheap gifts for college friends and are a fun thing to bring to any party.  I got all my glass flasks from “The Argonaut Brewer” off of Amazon.  Drink up!


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