612 REVIEW: Bona Vietnamese Restaurant: Pho-king Delicious!

The morning after a night of heavy alcohol consumption is always a struggle for me.  The blinding light streaming in through my windows, the nauseous, painful feeling situated in my stomach and other uncomfortable bodily reactions to nearly poisoning myself the night before, all add up into an afternoon of awful.  Everyone has their own “hangover” cure theories, and most of them involve eating some sort of greasy food to settle the stomach and sober the body up.  Personally, those food items in that situation make me even more sick, which is why I am very picky about my hangover foods, but Pho (a Vietnamese noodle dish) is definitely my top choice.

Today, my roommate and I ventured our hungover asses to “Bona Vietnamese Restaurant” located in Stadium Village down at the University of Minnesota.  Great prices and really awesome Vietnamese food.

A great feature of Asian restaurants that is extremely helpful when fighting a hangover is their Jasmine Green tea.  Not only is it a nice caffeine boost without being overpowering, the gentle fragrance is so soothing to an upset stomach.  We ordered a pot for us to share and it was .90 cents a person.  Definitely a better deal financially and health-wise than a soda or other beverage would have been.

For starters, I personally love ordering fresh spring rolls.  I can’t have too much fried food on an upset stomach, and these spring rolls dipped in peanut sauce are the perfect, refreshing appetizer to indulge in.  My roommate Katie got their cream cheese puffs, which were also excellent.  I can be extremely picky when it comes to cream cheese wontons, as the quality varies so much between different Asian restaurants.

Finally, the Pho. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese dish consisting of a broth base, rice noodles, herbs and a choice of meat.  I ordered “Pho Tai,” pho with thin slices of beef.  A small size was about $7 and was served in a huge bowl.  The mint leaves, jalepeño peppers, bean sprouts and lime wedges were served on the side from the pho bowls, so we could choose how much we wanted in our individual bowls.

Bona is definitely my new favorite place to go to for Pho on campus. Pho is a great dish for a hangover because it isn’t greasy, the broth is soothing to an upset stomach and the rice noodles and meat are extremely filling.  The mint leaves and other herbs are also soothing and much healthier than chowing on leftover pizza or burgers to cure a bender.

Bona Vietnamese Restaurant is located at
815 Washington Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN
Menu: http://www.urbanspoon.com/cities/29-twin-cities/restaurants/330363-bona-vietnamese/menu


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